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Employee Development

At Orbitas our training initiatives are directly linked to bottom-line impact as well as individual company needs. Each course has it’s own curriculum objectives. All courses target retention and creating a workforce focused on being customer centric, profitable and productive.  Our programs provide associates with skills and tools to achieve their maximum potential.

Executive Coaching/Strategy

The most effective use of Leadership Development is to help businesses grow and strengthen organizations from within.
Problems are no longer the only reason to reach out to an Executive Coach. In fact, reaching out to an Executive Coach before problems arise gives you the advantage in a very competitive marketplace.  


Something important happens when you gather people together. You have a message to deliver and goals to reach-that can only be done by people influencing other people.
A great keynote speaker sets the tone for your meeting and creates an audience of a single mind. A great keynote speaker can take your event from delivering a message to delivering a call to action.

Our Partners

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  • Orbitas - UPS
  • Orbitas - Omni Hotel & Resorts
  • Orbitas - Texas Intruments
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