With nearly 15 years experience in the employee development industry, Colleen Affeldt’s expertise includes leadership and management development, strategy and employee effectiveness. With a focus on retention, she uses an outcome driven approach combined with an eye on transforming culture. This gives companies the best opportunity for success through their most important asset, their people – including those given the responsibility to lead them.

A few accomplishments of note:
Transformed a leadership team and took the company from having an attrition rate of 137% to their current attrition rate of 46% Reengineered a company culture while taking the company from being on the brink of closing their doors, to present day where they are ranked #3 in the nation.

After working with a client in the hospitality industry, that company went from mediocre customer satisfaction scores to winning the JD Powers Associates award for service.

Successfully facilitated the employees of a large pharmaceutical company through the emotional transition of an M&A.

Colleen has served as a visiting faculty member at the SMU Cox School of Business, Texas A&M Mays School of Business and the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine.

Some of her affiliations and board positions include: Executive Board Member Big Brothers Big Sisters, Scottish Rite Hospital (Board member Kidswing), St. Baldrick’s Children’s Cancer Foundation, and a former, founding board member of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Colleen lives in Dallas with her two very active sons, Sam, 15 and Isaiah, 17.