Orbitas, founded by employee development expert Colleen Affeldt, and The Praevius Group, founded by a group of veterans to serve and develop leaders and organizations in both the civilian and military sectors, have collaborated to create COREINTERSECTIONS. This unparalleled partnership provides a proven track record in private sector employee development and specialized leadership development with first hand military transition knowledge.

Veteran recruitment and hiring initiatives are often well planned, strategic and expertly executed. We believe your integration strategy and integration management should be too.

Like a merger between two companies with different cultures, hiring a veteran can be a catalyst for growth or a costly endeavor. Without an intentional and deliberately executed transition program, veteran and employer are at risk for failure.

The veterans you hire will have their own unique set of integration challenges. COREINTERSECTIONS helps overcome those challenges through an equally unique

COREINTERSECTIONS creates a cutting-edge curriculum for your organization by providing a pre-emptive and meaningful platform for veterans in transition, accelerating the integration of both the veteran and the organization. This program maximizes high capability contributors and creates a more successful

The COREINTERSECTIONS program is results-oriented and will have a lasting impact on the veteran as well as the performance and profitability of the organization.